A Wave of ‘Revenge Travel’ Continues into 2023… and What To Do About It (If Anything)

Mirella C
3 min readMar 26, 2023

A Light-Hearted Yet Practical Take On The Post-Covid Travel Boom Plus Some Essential Travel Tips

It’s difficult to characterize our current moment as being post-Covid, however for the sake of those who have sheltered in place to the nth degree, it appears that 2023 is the year — finally — when some of us are able to hop on long-haul flights and spill into the charming cobblestone streets of our favorite destinations with newfound confidence.

Whether that confidence is misplaced is not the most salient question in this era. We have what’s characterized as “pent-up” demand, resulting in what some economists have hilariously named “revenge travel.”

Traveling Post Covid
Taking Flight in This Era Is Complex — Photo by Gerrie van der Walt on Unsplash

It’s precisely why hunting for reasonably priced hotel rooms or Airbnbs has become a blood sport. Like any commodity that’s dwindling in supply, it’s easy to get priced out of the holiday you have been waiting an eternity to take.

Here are some of the brighter points to consider in this new era of travel:

1.Your Credit Card Points Will Probably Come In Handy When Booking Flights

While you can save substantially on your flights, you’ll likely need to immediately re-invest…



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